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The voluntary carbon market has the potential to unlock major climate impact for companies on their pathway to net zero, but it’s often difficult to connect buyers with high-quality carbon removal.    


Graphyte is collaborating with Carbon Direct on the Loblolly Project in Pine Bluff, Arkansas to design and deliver best-in-class carbon removal credits to address this challenge. Loblolly will deliver its first credits in 2024 and reach an annual operational capacity of 50,000 tCO2e by early next year. 


Graphyte's Carbon Casting process delivers a permanent, affordable, and immediately scalable solution to the market. Carbon Direct has partnered with Graphyte to align Loblolly with the Criteria for High-Quality Carbon Dioxide Removal, which provides science-based benchmarks to drive effective climate action at scale. Carbon Direct scientists assessed 60 distinct requirements across the six quality criteria to help ensure Loblolly credits generate real, additional carbon removals.


If you're interested in learning more about our work with Carbon Direct, please reach out to the Carbon Direct team:   

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