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Current Climate: The Economic Benefits Of Accelerating The Energy Transition

This week’s Current Climate, which every Saturday brings you the latest news about the business of sustainability.

By Alex Knapp and Alan Ohnsman, Forbes

Sustainability Deals Of The Week

Mining: ExxonMobil announced that it will begin mining for lithium in Arkansas, and that it aims to become a major lithium producer for electric vehicles by 2030

Solar Power: Nevados, which builds solar “trackers” that enable panels to be installed on hilly terrain without flattening it, has begun manufacturing at a facility in Texas.

Carbon Removal: Montreal-based startup Deep Sky announced that it’s raised a $55 million series A round to begin the planning and construction of its first commercial facility.

Biomass: Breakthrough Energy Ventures-backed startup Graphyte announced its own carbon removal solution, which transforms waste biomass into a carbon removal product at a price of less than $100 per ton.

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