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Building a Safe and Healthy Future for the Next Generation

Barclay Rogers and Lanette R. Frazier

This week we began construction on a new city park in Pine Bluff, Arkansas where an old field will be transformed into a multipurpose park offering a skateboard area, children’s playground, concession stand, and sports field for baseball and football.

When passionate and energetic Third Ward City Council Member Lanette Frazier approached Graphyte with her vision for the park, our company, which just opened the “largest carbon removal plant in the world” in Pine Bluff, jumped at the chance to help accelerate the project with a $25,000 donation.

Photos from start of construction on Ward 3 multi-sport family park, Pine Bluff. Credits: I.C. Murrell, Pine Bluff Commercial and Brooke Buckner, THV11

So, what does a City Council Member and the CEO of a carbon removal company have in common? A lot, actually. At the core, we share a mutual goal of creating a safe and healthy place for the next generation to live.

On a personal level, I have a close connection to Pine Bluff, having spent significant time in the area while growing up visiting both sets of grandparents who lived nearby. I grew up in Arkansas and am deeply invested in seeing it succeed.

From a business standpoint, Graphyte is a company committed to reversing the effects of climate change. Our approach to carbon removal, known as “Carbon Casting,” involves compressing, wrapping and storing carbon blocks made of by-products from timber and agriculture industries.. Pine Bluff sits at the unique intersection of the forestry and farming industries, critical to Graphyte’s supply chain. Choosing Pine Bluff as our the location for our first project was as much about being able to positively impact a community as it was about positively impacting the planet. Our storage site will be located in Grant County, which lies just to the west of Pine Bluff. We are working with members of the community to assist with a project that will benefit the Grant County community, in much the same way that we are working the citizens of Pine Bluff to kickstart the new park.

Council Member Frazier’s commitment to serving her community is realized in this project – intended to bring family and friends together, somewhere safe and fun, without an entry fee.

A rendering of the community park. Credit: City of Pine Bluff

This is much more than a park - it’s a symbol of the future we want to create for those who come after us.

So will you join us?

For more information on the project and how to donate, click here.

You can also contact Council Member Frazier at 870-575-3619 or


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